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So I have PayPal now, which means I can do commissions. PM me for prices and whatnot.

In related news, I cba doing any flashes, so don't expect much activity there. My art, yeah, expect more.

So there.

Yeah well.

2009-07-22 07:46:57 by MarkLudford

Well I'm bored out of my mind, I have seven weeks off school, and nothing to do with them. Like, nothing. Except use this damned computer until I explode. Last day of school was alright I guess, and my form tutor gave me this awesome book which teaches you how to draw stuff. It has a car section. Oh the joy <3

Okay, bored again, bleh.

So what now?

2009-07-09 12:32:42 by MarkLudford

'Where Is The Hope?' is doing better than I thought it would, which is good. My teacher showed it to the whole class, which is even better, and now he wants me to make another random short, which isn't good. I'm busy with other stuff, the faggot.

And I'm trying the art portal too, just wish someone would scout me soon *hint hint*.

Oh hey.

2009-06-23 13:09:11 by MarkLudford

So here I am, Newgrounds AT LAST.

Well, not really, I've had a few other accounts here, but they were pretty much all from my nooby days, so I won't link you to them <3

You can find me in these places too:
[ YouTube | Facebook | SheezyArt | Twitter | Imeem ]

And that's me. Hope you all enjoy what I have to offer ;]